Everyone has a unique set of ingredients that makes them unlike anyone else. Many small businesses are focused on the day to day operations and as a brand, just follow what they see peers doing. That's no way to grow. If you are going to thrive and grow as a small business you first need to know why you are unique, own who you are, and tell that to the world. No matter how quirky, weird, or different your ingredients may seem, that unique combination is something nobody else can match and the authenticity your audience wants. Let's figure out what unique story we can tell.



Small businesses have amazing stories. Sometimes they don't have the time, knowledge, or budget to tell those stories effectively. We know. We have seen the ad agency price tags first hand. With a unique advertising agency/studio and education background, we can deliver high level, effective and award-winning work, without the agency price bloat in a way that is collaborative, educates, and empowers the small business. Big projects for small brands! 

understanding your core

There are two main elements to understand your brand's core. You and your customers. Who you are and what do you care about? What are your unique ingredients? What do your customers care about? Why would they choose you and why are they unique? Then out of those current customers, who are your ideal customers? All of that information combined can help form a brand that not only makes you proud of who you are but helps you achieve who you want to be.


How We Work

Down to Earth

We are serious about the work without taking ourselves too seriously. We believe that creating, evolving or refining your brand should be exciting and a process you can have fun with.


Education is vital. Asking questions, listening and learning from our clients is fundamental. Most small businesses haven't officially been through the branding process. We teach along the way.

Shared Success

Success doesn't mean just getting paid. Success means we are just as proud to put our name on the final work as you are to share it with the world. When you succeed, we do too. 



Brands don't work if they are cold and robotic. We believe three parts of the human anatomy are crucial to creating a solid brand. Using our heads, the approach should be smart and strategic. Passion for the work and a genuine interest in the client comes from the heart. We also don't ignore our experience and understanding of what can connect on a visceral level. We trust our head, heart, and gut.



We freshen up stale brands. Once we get to know you and your goals, we keep what is working about the brand, evolve or replace what is not, and create fresh, new ways to speak to your audience.


We rebrand companies that are going new directions or totally reinventing themselves. Once we learn where your business is heading and why, we can help craft a brand that gets you there faster and stronger.


Are you brand-spankin' new or do you have a new product or service? We can create a brand identity to make your launch successful. Not just a logo, we create identity systems with messaging, tone, and graphic style defined.


Your brand is in a good place, but you have a new initiative, product or message to get out in the world. We concept and develop creative campaign messaging, cohesive and memorable visuals, and help you roll out a campaign that will push your business forward.


How does your brand live in the digital world? Tag-teaming with niche professionals, we create branded digital design systems and stories in the form of websites, apps, videos, animation, social media, and digital advertising.


Design and illustration can add personality to your brand's advertising materials. We can develop unique visual assets for your brand’s identity.



I'm Andy Sharpe and Urthlings Brand Co. is my independent brand design company. For over a decade I have been an agency lead designer, art director, and college design, instructor. Working on a large variety of local and national brands, both B2B and B2C spanning many industries. That work has won local, regional, and national awards as a business owner and employee. This unique background allows me to offer agency-level work on a realistic budget for small business. Joining forces with other trusted niche professionals, Urthlings Brand Co. is ready to form a high-quality team and work efficiently and effectively to help small businesses grow and evolve.

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